Curry Supply Rail at DeGol Industrial Park

Curry Supply Rail at DeGol Industrial Park

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 Commercial Client

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 Industrial Facility, Infrastructure, Transportation

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Work by LSF has been completed in multiple phased projects, allowing for work to be completed in small segments that best work with the owner and business operations.  Work has been completed in Design/Build or Design/Assist capacities.

Building off of Phase I, which was the initial creation of office space and industrial paint zones for Curry Rail, Phases II, III, and IV focused on increasing Curry Rail’s work capacities and renovating the complex. For Phase II, L.S. Fiore first relocated, removed, and installed metal demising walls from the old railroad car shop spaces. We value-engineered some options for the owner, and we were able to reuse existing panels before ordering more to create different work zones.

We installed a reinforced concrete pit foundation in Phase III to offer structural support for the rails in a blast and paint booth while keeping the business functional and uninterrupted while we completed work. The pit installation occurred around existing operations with other blast, paint, and burn pits as well.

Crews built the foundations for the blast booth, demoed and then infilled concrete for the newly installed tracks and took down some sheet metal partitions in a two-phase project. Made with industry concrete specifications in mind, the new paint rails can hold up to 432,000 pounds. The under-track pit has steel reinforced walls for added employee safety, and a network of steel beams and rail fastenings were placed so equipment reverberations and locomotives do not disturb the structural quality of the work zones. Work was done while Curry Rail was operating, so scheduling was focused on keeping employee disturbances to a minimum and work was completed in close proximity safely. New rail lines were added with rail industry subcontractors.

Phase IV included coordinating work with rail industry subcontractors once again for excavation and backfill for a second paint booth, and we focused on relocating an existing Overhead Door and track so rail cars could fit easily into the shop. A radius track was installed where cars can clear the garage door opening and existing outdoor structures. LSF self-performed excavation and backfill to move the rails. As LSF had done in previous phases, construction took place around the owner’s schedule so plant production was not impacted.

Phase V includes a new wellness space for Curry Rail employees and an office expansion. All phases of the expansion include 253,000 square feet of used company space with room to grow.  With these expansions done in phases, LSF is helping Curry Rail Services restore a historic rail yard and resurrect the rail industry in the Altoona area.

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Route 36 & Route 22
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648


Curry Rail Services
Curryville, PA 16631


Joseph A Oricko Architect & Associates, P.C.
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

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