Oak Hall Regional Park

Centre Regional Recreation Authority

Oak Hall Regional Park

Centre Regional Recreation Authority

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 Sports Complex

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 General Contractor

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 New Construction

The Oak Hall Regional Park is a complex that supports tournament play for the local softball association, so four softball fields are clustered tightly together. There are also compacted aggregate trails around the fields and complex perimeter, with a 2-story building in the center to support restrooms, concessions, and the press box. Built on a gently sloping hill, the site contractor package included E&S controls, storm and field drainage, grading, utilities, fencing, paving, and landscaping. The site package supports both phase 1 and phase 2 initiatives at the park. There is also a ‘great lawn’ for residents to enjoy lawn games before phase 2.

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Substantial Completion



120 Linden Hall Road, Boalsburg, PA 16827


Centre Regional Recreation Authority


Pashek Associates, Limited

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