Michael A. Fiore, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Chairman of the Board (COB)

Providing strategic leadership, Michael develops LSF’s long-term company vision with the overall goal of fostering a thriving organization. He assumed the responsibility of overseeing the company’s risk, safety, business, financial and office management teams in 1990, became executive vice president in 2003, then President in 2016, before his appointment as CEO.

Michael attended Pennsylvania State University, majoring in mechanical engineering.  After working in the field part time during high school and college, he joined Leonard S. Fiore, Inc. full time in 1982.

Michael and other community leaders founded Operation: Our Town, an initiative that facilitates partnerships between the community and area businesses to fight drug abuse by giving law enforcement the tools they need to prevent drug crime, assisting the community in getting treatment to those who need it, and also by educating youth about prevention.

Michael enjoys volunteering, supporting numerous community organizations, and serves in his church.

Michael A. Fiore