From Patrick Irwin, Chief Operating Officer:

I would like to thank you for your participation in our first townhalls held this month.  The overall sentiment of commitment to continuous improvement was obvious in all of our discussions.  Also, I would like to thank the individuals from project management (Nancy Nyman, Shaun Franchak, Hank Lilienthal, Nicholas Fiore, Kyle Guyer, and Levi Raling) that helped to gather, summarize, and analyze all the responses and suggestions that we received.  Their summary report is below.

Below are some general themes that I noticed during the townhalls

  • Our team members really enjoy the comradery, the team work, and the individuals that they get to work with on a daily basis especially when we are able to able to keep teams together to develop chemistry and positive working relationships.
  • Our team members enjoy teaching and learning.  It was noted several times how the sharing of information has improved the work experience.
  • Our team gets a real sense of accomplishment when they are able to say “We built that!”.

Please read through the summary report that our project management staff compiled from the feedback that we received.  They have identified some themes that we will consider in pursuit of our goal of continuous improvement.

One thing that we are moving ahead with immediately is to make Memorial Day (May 30, 2022) a paid holiday for the company based on the feedback that we received from the townhalls.

If you already had PTO scheduled for that day or planned to take PTO for that day, there is no need to and you can retain that time.  As always, each project will have its own requirements for the rest of the week but Memorial Day is now a paid holiday for all employees.

Summary Report:

(This was attached to the initial email from Patrick as a PDF and has been copied and pasted here for you to easily access.)

Leonard S. Fiore hosted townhall meetings for all field level employees over the past three weeks. The purpose of the townhall meeting is to hear the voice of each employee to help improve the company as a whole. Each employee was asked to fill out a four‐question survey prior to or during the meeting about their working experience at Leonard S. Fiore. The townhall committee recorded the results of the collected surveys to construct three reoccurring themes. Below you will see three themes followed by our committee’s recommendations for Leonard S. Fiore in taking the next step in its “Dedication to Excellence”.


  •  Reform of current processes and procedures on how information is passed from project team to field team. Establish a clear chain of communication.
    • Visual Displays ‐ Pull planning boards and dry erase boards to communicate material/ tool/ equipment needs in common visible locations.
    • Project Rendering Drawings – Hung in the trailer to show the completed project.
    • Suggest Project Communication/Chain of Command – Show the flow of communication in common visible locations.
  • A best practice identified is for superintendents to host morning huddles with the field employees to determine what needs to be accomplished for the day and how that fits into the overall project plan.


  •  Create a new system to give incentives throughout all aspects of day‐to‐day operations.
    • Attendance reward and discipline programs.
    • Safety reward and discipline programs.
  • Make sure employees learn from their mistakes before going on to the next task.
    • Have installing crew or individuals stay with installations until complete and acceptable with no punch list remaining.
    • Share quality “Lessons Learned” similar to the safety department.

Paid Time Off

  • Make companywide adjustments to the current paid holiday schedule.
  • The current paid time off structure needs to be reviewed and improved.

The townhall committee would like to thank you for your participation in the survey and open discussions at the meetings. This allowed the committee to record every response to improve your experience here at Leonard S. Fiore. The committee is looking forward to seeing all field level employees at the next round of townhall meetings in the near future.

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Again, thank you for your participation in the townhalls and your commitment to getting better together.