The following equipment is available for rent, and all rentals come with an operator. Call 814-946-3686 for more information.


Concrete Pump Trucks


We have 2 Schwing KVM 34X Concrete Boom Pump trucks. A grout hog crane bail is available for an additional fee.

We also have a mast-mounted detachable placing pump. Call us, and we can help you with your concrete placing needs.



We have a McCloskey J45 rock crusher available.

stone and rock crushing machine



Permits and travel time are an additional fee.

  • 22 Ton Grove RT 522
  • 30 Ton Bucyrus/Erie 45C
  • 50 Ton Grove TMS 475
  • 60 Ton Grove RT 760
  • 65 Ton Grove TMS 865
  • Ton Krupp GMT-AT 70
  • Concrete Barrier Lift (Additional fee)

Terms and Conditions:

Fuel Surcharge: An additional fuel surcharge will be added to all rentals with operators. Please call for current fuel charge amount.
Taxes: All rates subject to PA sales tax
Delivery and Return: All rentals subject to move-in & move out charge.
Rates: Rentals are net 10 days or upon request.
Terms: Rental period begins upon pickup and ends on return.

Hourly Rentals:

Delivery & Return: All rentals subject to move-in & move-out charge.
Terms: Rentals are net 10 days or upon request.