Daily Collegian - New H&M at Fraser Centre makes its opening debut in State College

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Madeline Messa | Oct. 6, 2016


H&M opened its doors to the public on Oct. 6, complete with opening sales. The clothing store resides in the Fraser Centre downtown and is attached to Target, which opened on Oct. 4.

The retail clothing store is a welcomed new addition to some students, as it provides them with a new shopping destination and new clothing options.

“I’m excited about it — it’s really awesome having it here,” student Hannah Ranalli said. “It’s good to have an affordable clothing store close to the college since a lot of local stores are overpriced for the majority of people.”

Ranalli (sophomore-community and environment development) also said she would like more stores similar to H&M be brought to State College, but said too many of them would be overwhelming.

“The small stores give [State College] character,” Ranalli said. “I don’t want them to be completely overrun.”

Something customers noted about the new store was its large size; with the help of the attached Target, the complex takes up an entire corner. H&M takes up 19,000 square feet of it.

“[The H&M] is really big from the outside and even bigger on the inside,” Alexander MacAllister said after shopping in it. .

“For as many people as they had for the first day, the customer service was pretty quick,” MacAllister said, complementing the employees on a job well done.

MacAllister, 23, of Philadelphia, said he had been to many H&Ms in the city, but the new one here is the largest he’s seen.

He's also a graduate from Penn State and said he would've been glad to have H&M nearby when he was  a student.

“When I was an undergrad, I wished they had more stores like it because it was just hard to find clothes I wanted to wear, and I had to shop online,” MacAllister said.

Patrick Shaner, a Public Relations Representative for H&M, invites customers to take advantage of opening weekend sales — he said customers can bring in old clothes for a 15 percent discount on all of their purchases.

Since 2013, H&M has been supported by I:Collect — a company that provides clothing collection boxes for people to put their old clothing in to be recycled. H&M is the first fashion company to have a global clothing donation initiative.

Shaner said he hopes H&M’s discount incentive will decrease the environmental impact of clothing, and he wants customers to know about it now that the store is open in State College.