WTAJ TV - New theater coming soon

September 21, 2015

First aired on WTAJ-TV10, by Ashley Doerzbacher.

The signs are all up, and finishing touches are being made. In just 11 days, the new Carmike 12 movie theater in Altoona will be open.

"People in this area have never experienced anything like it before," said Erin Wyandt, Managing Director.
It's called The BIG D Theater. It's three stories tall, more than 70' wide. There are just shy of 500 seats in the auditorium.
"The BIG D has the comfortable leather seating," said Wyandt. "The sound is off the wall. It literally will bounce you out of your seat."
And if that's not enough to get people in the doors, Wyandt thinks maybe the new food menu is.
"Pizza, chicken fingers, French fries, mozzarella sticks."
Or maybe the beer and wine selection they're serving up will.
"I think there is a demand for it in this area. I think that people are going to take to it very well."
Work is still being done to the rest of the theater, including the lobby and other 12 auditoriums. The look will be all new; tickets and food purchased at the same place.
The theater officially opens to the public on Friday, October 2. As for the film their showing, that's still to be determined.

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