WTAJ-TV: Laguna Splash opens for the season


Tipton, Blair County, Pa. - Saturday was the perfect day to soak up the sun at Laguna Splash's grand opening at DelGrosso's Amusement Park. 

Park goers were able to a take dip in the new wave pool and lounge in the lazy river at Laguna Splash for opening day.

Elise Watson was excited to give the new attractions a try. 

"I think it's really awesome for the new addition because we have more pools," explained Watson, "like last time the only had the slides but this time they have a lazy river and a wave pool."

Melissa and Scott Ashman were there for the day and spent some time in the wave pool 

"It's great, I mean it's good for tourism, it's good for the everybody that lives here," explained Scott Ashman.  It's a nice place."

Melissa said, "Everybody come and check. It out that's all I can say."

Opening day is what staff members have been looking forward to and they like what they're hearing about the 12.5 million dollar splash park.

"They're just excited. The fun part for me was just standing inside the gates this morning and hearing folks go 'Wow, wow.' like it wasn't what they're anticipating," said Director of Marketing Amy Mearkle. 

It's only day one for Laguna Splash but season tickets are going pretty fast. 

"Season pass sales have gone really,really well. We're anticipating that we probably will have to stop them here pretty soon, but at this point we do still have some for sale," said Mearkle.

For many park goers, Laguna Splash was a hit. 

"So older people can do it, kids can do it. I mean they love it," said Scott Ashman.